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Despite the many resources available to us, we seem to find ourselves disconnected. Our main goals is to bring on an in-house therapist for your convenience of being able to combine your sessions with counseling and therapy. Well rounded treatment utilizes all resources to get you to your better self. The perfect therapist is not easy to find as every provider has an eclectic background that they bring to sessions. Thus, it's likely necessary to have more than one therapist to meet the needs of the each unique individual. This struggle is not limited to therapists. Having Psychiatrists on staff with varying backgrounds is important for your needs as well.

Peter Breslin, MD


Dr Peter Breslin is a native of Virginia and completed his Psychiatry training at Virginia Commonwealth University. Despite being raised in Northern Virginia, his roots are growing in Richmond as this is a rich city that provides a wide range of enjoyable activities. Living near the river allows for the convenience of being able to go hiking/jogging on the trails with his dog. A favorite pass-time is to spend time on the rocks along the James River while his dog tires herself out jumping from rock to rock and swimming after sticks.

Peter Breslin, md

There is no such thing as one size fits all. Each individual we interact with has had different events and life experiences that have shaped the person they are today. Our philosophy is to experience those things with you so that we can understand who you are. With that knowledge, together we can formulate a treatment plan that will have the highest yield for you. This may take more than one session and there is no such thing as a magic bullet that cures all problems immediately, but our work together can create the change needed to make you better.